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Leisure Time

Only holidays allow pure recreation and leisure time. Holidays in the North of Lower Austria will offer you a great varity of leisure time activities. To make your choice easier, we will present you some of the most important offers.

All campers are already thrilled by the vicinity of nature. Only campers are in the position to lodge and sleep under their private peace of the sky. Whenever do you spend so much time outdoors beside camping? The positive stimuli of nature will effect your body and soul and will bring you refrishing moments.

Camping Waldenstein is located in the ancient man-made landscape of the Waldviertel. Here you can enjoy the charm of the Nordic region. The countryside with small scaled fields, meadows, ponds and woods will delight the eyes and lift your spirits. In addition, the stimulating climate of the Waldviertel with cool nights contributes to the good recreation of its tourists.

The Waldviertel is a calm, even "shy" part of Lower Austria near the border to the Czech Republic. Its hidden quality as tourist destination is still an insiders' tip. We are far away from mass tourism, but we are always on the spot.