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The hilly landscape of the Waldviertel suits best for bikers of all ages. No matter if you prefer a short bicyle tour with your family or a real exhausting biking trip - you will find your favourite tour for sure.

The area around Waldenstein offers ideal conditions for unhurried bicycle tours. Even children or elder people will manage the tours with gentle hills easily. The bike tour Wasserlandschaftsradweg with a length of around 70 km directly passes the campsite. 

All bikers who prefer more mountainous tours, will love to explore the hills along the border to the Czech Republic in the West. Here you can climb up the Nebelstein (1017 m) or the Mandelstein (874 m) with your bike. The bike tour Via Verde along the previous Iron Curtain also leads through this area. If you like, you can start with the Iron-Curtain-Trail.

Bikes are the ideal means of transport to explore the region around the campsite and the nearby destinations. Many other ideas and bike tours are available on the website of the Waldviertel Tourism.Here you can can also buy special bike maps online.

Rental bikes can be lend in Gmünd at Radfuchs Gmünd or Sport Stöckl.