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Waldenstein is amidst of gentle hills, which are perfeclty suited for hiking tours. No matter if you like to stroll around,  plan a one day trip or a long-distance trail walk. You will find your favourite tour in the Waldviertel.

The Kneipp Rundwanderweg Nr. 70 directly passes by the campsite. This trail is about 17 km long and leads through all villages in the municipality Waldenstein. The special attractions of this tour are the Kneipp stations in each village. If you will walk only parts of this tour, it is well adequated for children.

The next hiking trail, which passes by the campsite is the Robert-Hamerling-Fernwanderweg Nr. 624 with a length of about 50 km.

Many other hiking trails or strolls are available in the vicinity. For trips with childeren we recommend the Naturparkweg Schrems with a length of about 6 km through the nature park in Schrems or a visit in the nature park Blockheide. There you can find several tours through the unique landscape with granite giants and "moveable" boulders.

Many other information, tips and tours are available on the website of Waldviertel Tourism. Here you can also order special hiking maps online.

And for all of you, who prefer to combine hiking with hunting for treasures - do not forget to start looking for our geocaching places.