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Camping Waldenstein is well placed to grant you a peaceful and very comfortable holiday.

  • a place amidst the nature of the Waldviertel - here you can experience light, air and water first-hand
  • a place directly at the graduation house* - here you can draw a deep breath 
  • a place for wellness - here you can enhance your well-being
  • a place quite near the very attractive destination in the Upper Waldviertel - the Sole-Felsen-Bad

* The graduation house is a wooden building containing frames filled with bundles of twigs and fagots (fir and blackthorn). From top of the frames brine is made to fall like a perpetual shower of the vastly extended surface of the fagots into the basin below. While you walk along the frames you can inhale the saline air.

The scenery of the Waldviertel and its attractions

The attractive, but slightly austere beauty of the Waldviertel, which is part of the Bohemian Massif, stands on ancient soil - granite. This basement rock brings acid soils and soft water. These natural conditions characterises the landscape of the Waldviertel. Small dells and valleys lay between low hills. About 40% of the Waldviertel are covered with forests, which is often interrupted by small fields and meadows.



Nature and well-being

Nature enhances the physical, psychical and social well-being of humans. A natural surrounding increases the motivation for excercises, which have an overall positive impact on body and soul. Even the passive enjoyment of nature helps to relieve stress and find recreation. Therefore a close to nature environment will help you to find your balance. The benefits are not only for the grown-up, but also for children, who can strenghten their mental and social development as well as their motor activity.

During your stay at Camping Waldenstein, we are pleased to offer you the chance to enjoy nature first-hand. Enhance your well-being as you like. Do nothing, seek for a sporting challenge or relaxe in the open countryside. You can visit the Sole-Felsen-Bad in Gmünd, take a deep breath of saline air in the graduation house or go for a stroll along the brook. You will find your quite personal rhythm.