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Graduation House

The graduation house will re-open for you on 26 April 2019!

The core of water applications in Waldenstein is the graduation house. It is only a few steps away from the campsite.

Saline water flows over twigs of fir and fagots of blackthorn. While dripping from twig to twig the brine evaporates and enriches the air with saline aerosols. This salt-rich water droplets in the air are regardes as having beneficial health effects similar to that of breathing in sea air. To achieve the positive effects of this inhalation best, we recommend to visit the graduation house daily for about 20 minutes.

Graduation houses or walls were initially used in salines to concentrate the brine. Thereby it was discovered that respiratory ailments are being relieved. We cannot mine salt in Waldenstein. But nowadays the transport of salt is no problem anymore. Therefore we can offer this special facility to increase your well-being.