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In order to give you some quick answers, which will occur during your stay in Waldenstein, please find here some important information and links. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Camping Waldenstein is a new campsite in the Waldviertel only a few kilometre away from the Sole-Felsen-Bad in Gmünd. The campsite in Waldenstein is in the east of the Sport- und Kulturzentrum on the street L8211 towards Klein Ruprechts/Weißenalbern.

Distance to the village centre about 500 m

Distance to the town Gmünd about 6 km


coordinates: N48.72413721 E15.02076745


Google Maps

Detailled information can also be found on the page Directions


Coming from the West

Linz - Freistadt - Weitra - Gmünd - Waldenstein

Coming from the East

Wien - Krems - Zwettl - Kirchberg/Walde - Waldenstein

Coming from the North

Prag - Tabor - Trebon - Neunagelberg - Schrems - Waldenstein

From Tuesday to Saturday you can arrive daily between 13:00 and 21:00. On Sunday you can arrive until 15:00. Any arrivals on Monday or arrivals on Sunday after 15:00 are only possible prior agreement by phone. Please check-in in the Sportrestaurant Stefan Hinger, directly at the camping site. There you will get the visitors' book to fill in, some information about the camping site and your holidays and the invoice. Please pay the open amount already on the day of arrival. The departure can be done daily by 12:00. Any later departure will be charged by an additional night.

You can pay for your reservation online with your credit/debit card. In case of a booking by phone, we will send you a payment link. Otherwise you can pay cash on site.

No. We do not allow pets at Camping Waldenstein. The campsite is very close  to forests and meadows, which are the habitats of several wild animals. In order to grant the safety of the wild animals and the recreation of our camping guests, we have decided not to allow dogs, cats, ... on our campsite.
Thank you for your understanding.

In the village centre (about 500 m away) you can find next to the municipal office a Nah & Frisch shop. In this little shop you will find everything for your breakfast or dinner as well as the most important things of daily life. The shop is open from Monday—Saturday from 07:00 to 12:00 and on Tuesday and Friday also from 16:00 to 18:00. In front of the shop you can also find a food vending machine (24/7).
Further supermarkets and shops are located in Gmünd (about 6 km away), Schrems (about 12 km away) or Zwettl (about 20 km away).

The VOR bus line 725  runs from Monday to Friday from Gmünd to Zwettl and vice versa.

In addition you can use on school days (Montag to Friday in May, June, September and October) the VOR bus line 753.

Please find further information on our service page.

General practitioners

The next general practitioners can be found in Gmünd, Schrems, Kirchberg/Walde or Hoheneich

The next doctor on duty will be told to you by phone at the short number: 141
The medical advice can be reached by phone at the short number: 1450

Here you can search for the next general practitioner on duty

Search engine for physicians in the surrounding (please select Bezirk Gmünd)


The clinical centre in Gmünd is about 6 km away and can be reached in about 10 minutes by car.

The clinical centre in Zwettl is about 22 km away and can be reached in about 25 minutes by car.


The next pharmacies are in Gmünd and Schrems. All information regarding night or weekend duties can be find here or by phone at the short number: 1455

Vaccines for travellers

In Austria no federal state is free of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). Therefore this vaccination against TBE is recommended to all persons living in Austria. This recommendation is also valid for travellers coming to Austria or travellers going abroud to endemic regions. The TBE vaccine protects against all known TBE subtypes. In case of need a fast immunisation schedule can be applied (Austrian Vaccination Schedule). Best you ask already your physician or pharmacists at home. Furthermore the MMR vaccination and influenza vaccination are recommended.

The current valid information around Covid-19 travel requirements can be found on the pages of Austria Tourism.


The next defibrillators are available in Groß Neusiedl (fire station), Kirchberg/Walde and in Gmünd at the Sole-Felsen-Bad. If you like to know more about it, please visit for further information.

The next pharmacies are in Gmünd and Schrems.

All information regarding night or weekend duties can be find here or by phone at the short number: 1455

Here in Waldenstein we are in the lucky position to have fibre connection (FTTH). We can offer our camping guests a free WiFi Internet connection. By using the WiFi you accept the Terms and Conditions for Guest-WiFi.

For a smooth connection we recommend bringing your own WiFi antenna and WiFi router with you.

The campsite does not have any fences around. You can leave the campsite by foot or by your vehicle any time you like.

Here in Austria we are in a really lucky position to get drinking water from the tap. Also here at Camping Waldenstein you can drink the water flowing from the tap. Pure, fresh water - a real treasure!

On the northern corner of the municipal office you can find a letter box. If you have already stamps at hand, you can easily drop your cards here.
The next postal service is available in Kirchberg/Walde
Nah & Frisch Kaufhaus Walenta
Kirchberg am Walde 59 3932 Kirchberg am Walde
Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 07:15-12:00 and 15:00-18:00 (Thursday afternoon closed) and Saturday from 07:15-12:00
The next post office is in Gmünd.
Postfiliale und BAWAG P.S.K. 3950 Bahnhofsplatz 1 3950 Gmünd
Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 08:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00 Uhr (self service corner open daily from 00:00-24:00)

On your booked pitch you can of course park your camping vehicle. Also all your brought bikes can be parked here. If you have any additional parking requirements, please let us know. We are convinced to find a solution.

At the pitch you will find a CEE plug, 3 poles, 16A, 220-250 V

Against a deposit of EUR 20 you can lend an adaptor from CEE to Schuko plug.

Spare parts for vehicles

Autozubehör Dexinger GmbH, Weitraer Straße 113, 3950 Gmünd
phone +43 2852 52868

Anhänger Steininger & Partner GmbH, Windhager Straße 22, 3931 Schweiggers
phone +43 2829 8201

You can change your LPG cylinders at:

OBI, Albrechtser Straße 9, 3950 Gmünd

Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Gmünd, Conrathstraße 2, 3950 Gmünd

The six pitches on the upper level have a width of 7m and a length of 9m.

The six pitches on the lower level have a width of 7m and a length of 11m.

The sanitary facilities are barrier-free accessible. Please note, however, that the pitches themselves are at a lower level than the sanitary facilities. The way there therefore leads uphill.

Special bike and hiking maps can be bought in a bookshop or online.

The next bookshops can be found in Gmünd and Schrems.

Buchhandlung Stark, Bahnhofstraße 5, 3950 Gmünd
Buchhandlung Spazierer, Budweiser Straße 3, 3943 Schrems

Online you can purchase special biking and hiking maps at the Waldviertel Shop.